Most tragic F1 car accidents

Anyone who knows about crashes in the 60s and 70s, knows that before the introduction of modern safety measures, Formula One crashes were usually immensely tragic. They often resulted in loss of limb, burns and death, which concerned both drivers and spectators. The accidents described below are all of the modern kind! So here are some of the best crashes in the history of Formula One.

  1. Mark Webber

This crash happened in 2010 in Spain, when Mark Webber lost his track position to Hamilton in the beginning and ended up in the ninth position. He then had to pit and get new tires, which meant he was down to the 19th position. He wanted to make up his lost position, so he sped up and caught the rear end of Kovalainen’s car. His car leapt into the air, did somersaults 360 degrees. He landed heavily on the nose of the car and flipped upright. The car continued sliding at 280 km/h before hitting the protective wall.

  1. Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps pile-up

In 1998 during the Grand Prix of Belgium, there was a massive pile-up involving 14 cars. It happened at the start of a hill, and it was started by Coulthard when he used to much throttle and banged into the Armco. The consequences were dramatic, with only a few drivers managing to escape undisturbed.

  1. Jordan’s Martin Brundle

In 1996, during the Granx Prix of Australia, Jordan Martin’s Brundle went rolling on the third turn, and swung into the sand trap. The car spectacularly broke into two pieces. It flew through the air and slammed into the wall. Luckily, Martin was unharmed in this fatal-looking crash.

  1. Gerhard Berger and his flames

In the same place where Ayrton Senna would die 5 years after, in San Marino in 1989, there was an accident anyone who witnessed would remember forever. Gerhard Berger lost control of his car, and hit a concrete wall at a very high speed. Since he only did a few laps, the tank of the car was full, so it was only moments before the car burst into flames. Fortunately, Gerhard was not seriously injured.

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